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Our Story

Our little slice of Highland paradise

We are a small farm in the depths of the Highlands, owned and run by Tristan and Fiona who are striving to ensure livestock and nature live in harmony and flourish. We are surrounded by wildlife on the farm, in the Glen, on the mountains and in our beautiful River which has some spectacular rock formations.

Our History

Glenorchy Farm has been Tristans home since he was 4, when his parents bought the land in the Glen including Beinn Udlaidh they built their home here and made a future for their children. Back in the day it was a large sheep farm with over 1000 sheep. But times were tough and with the bottom dropping out the market they sold the majority of the land but kept the inbye parks. These days the farm is just over 200 acres of quality Argyll rushes. We have been lucky to become the next generation to look after our land and allow it to flourish. 

Our Animals & Farm

Our main aim at Glenorchy Farm is to produce quality meats from animals that have lived their best lives here at the farm. We are constantly striving to work with the land through regenerative agriculture which uses natural systems to improve the quality of land and the biodiversity within the Glen.

Our pigs are a traditional breed: Oxford Sandy and Blacks. OSBs were almost extinct 20 years ago but have made a good comeback and are a popular small farm breed. They are natural browsers and foragers and love living outdoors. They are hardy and cope with the foul weather we get in the glen. Not only are the friendly and docile pigs they are known for being excellent mothers. We keep native Swaledale sheep who are wild and keep Tristan on his toes. Our Cattle are Black Galloways kept for their hardiness and ability to cope outside in our wild winters - they are also known to produce lovely meat.

Our Highland Produce

We produce wonderful pork, from pigs who live outside in the hill parks, beef from our cattle and lamb from our sheep. We ensure our animals have the best outdoor life and enjoy grazing the fields in the Glen until the day they leave.

Our aim is to bring local produce to the local market. Food that is of the highest quality and variety, produced using high welfare, environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems. We work with a local butcher who is happy to cut the meat to suit our customers meaning we can offer everyone the product they are looking for.

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Our Luxury Cabins

Our cabins have been designed for the comfort of our guests, we want you to be able to relax and lose yourself in your surroundings in a warm and cosy environment. All our cabins have toasty wood burners, hot powerful showers and a mezzanine bedroom for a beautiful view of the Glen and the River Orchy. Come home to relax after a day in the fresh air, enjoy the dark skies at night and sit by our beautiful fire pit and make memories.

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